Create the Perfect Look with the Makeup Brush Set Elegant

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  • The Fan Brush: the fan shape provides a super soft application, perfect for powder, cream or liquid highlighters. 

  • The Flat top Foundation Brush: this brush is used for liquid application, it gives you airbrushed-look, flawless results. The flat top foundation brush is used when applying sheer powders and blushes too. 

  • The Flat Foundation Brush: this brush is ideal for applying your blush while sculpting your cheeks. 

  • The Precision Blusher Brush: this brush is perfect for powder based products. You can use it to apply blush. This brush works also wonderfully with finishing powders to get rid of shine.

  • The Crease Blending Brush: this medium sized brush has soft bristles and a slightly tapered head so you can easily rich into the corner of the eye and work along the crease with powder based eyes shadow.

  • The Eyelid Brush Liner: it allows you to highlight the base of your lashes with eye shadow, to intensify make-up, to apply an eyeliner, or to set or blend make-up applied with a pencil. 

  • The Precision Concealer Brush: this rounded concealer brush head was designed to hug the under-eye area, with bristles that are flexible enough to reach every nook, crease, and cranny. Use it to apply concealer, blend foundation in hard-to-reach areas, and set under eyes. 

  • The Angle Eye Shadow Brush: its rounded, angled brush makes it easy to apply shadow in the corner, in the crease and all over the eye lid.

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